Techniques Overview

There are many varying techniques available in our shop. With our employees at your disposal anyone can master these techniques.

Outcomes can not be guaranteed. Variations arise from different artist, brushes, paint thickness and application.

Floral Platter technique.jpg


Layering paint above and below a piece of lace to transfer the lace design to your ceramic item. Flat surfaces produce better outcomes than curved surfaces. 


Paper Tattoo

This techniques uses a paper punch or cutout design to create the desired silouette. 


Image Transfer

You choose the design you wish to transfer to your bisque ware, and we can show you how to recreate it. 



The use of dishwashing soap and water mixed with paint to create a bubble like effect on your bisque ware or stoneware.



The use of rubbing alcohol to create a unique design in your paint.

Drip Technique.jpg


The use of an Element base coat combined with a partial layer of Jungle Gem to create a flowing combination. 


Water Color

The use of water to dilute solid colors.


Shaving Cream

The use of common shaving cream mixed with a paint to allow for a somewhat marbling effect. 


Silk Screen

We have numerous silk screens that can be used to add details to any stoneware or ceramic ware design. 


Sculpting Medium

The use of sculpting medium allows you to apply color and contour to your design. 


Designer Liner

Designer Liner can be applied under or over paint to highlight details or change texture. 



The use of rubber stamps to apply artistic differences with paint. 



A non fire paint to apply to ceramic ware that can be sealed and taken home the same day.  



The use of stencils to add design or details to your project. 


Clay Carving

Request in advance. This technique requires a wet poured piece of clay dried to leather hard which allows you to carve a design in your piece creating a unique candle holder, nightlight, or lamp.